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What's included

  • Antivirus and malware protection
    Our antivirus has been rated #1 by an independent IT security firm three years in a row.
  • Your data is securely backed up to the cloud
    Your data is encrypted using military-grade encryption, so it's safe, and we can restore it within minutes.
  • Your software is kept up-to-date and secure
    Hackers find new security holes every day. We patch these holes automatically when updates are released.
  • Your computers are kept healthy
    Our software keeps an eye on your computer's health 24x7 and alarms us if it detects something odd.
  • Need help? Get great IT support in one click
    When you run into a computer issue, just click "Help!" to get help from a trained IT professional, usually within minutes

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Bitdefender antivirus is trusted by millions of businesses

Bitdefender antivirus is trusted by millions of businesses

The best IT support provider we’ve ever hired.
— Marty Higgins, The Apartment Group

Never lose your data with cloud backup

Losing your data, in any number of ways, could spell disaster for your business. Our software automatically backs up all of your data to a redundant, secure private cloud each and every day.

Protect your business with antivirus

Being hacked and having customer data stolen literally destroys businesses every day. Our sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware software protects your computers 24x7 from the latest, and ever-increasing, threats.

Get affordable IT help from skilled technicians in one click

If you run into a computer issue, just click the "Help" button in your Windows taskbar to get fast IT support, usually within minutes. With your permission, a skilled technician can connect remotely to your computer and fix an issue right then and there.