We help protect you from this ever-changing online world full of threats from viruses, malware, phishing, and hack attacks. We also offer top-notch tech support that knows your small business’s technology setup inside and out.

Bitdefender Antivirus finds and destroys malware with near-perfect precision.
— PC Magazine, Editor's Choice

What we can help with:

  • Desktop support, including virus removals and installations of new PCs
  • Preventing malware, phishing, and hacking attacks
  • Moving your servers and email to the cloud
  • Much, much more

Happy Business Owner

Pay for IT support as needed, get proactive, 24x7 network monitoring, or get both!

Unlike many IT support providers, who only offer monthly, one-size-fits-all packages that cost $1,000 per month or more, we recognize that many smaller businesses and nonprofits don’t need technology help often enough to justify an “all-you-can-eat” support model. That’s why we offer three support models:

  • pay by the hour for IT support as needed
  • 24x7 monitoring of your network to prevent security breaches, performance issues, and system crashes, including unlimited support
  • a hybrid solution of network monitoring and IT support as needed

And if you start with our pay-as-you-go model, you can always upgrade later!


Get reliable, fast, friendly IT support from anywhere in the world.

No matter whether you’re in the office, on the beach, or at the airport, we can help you. You can request fast, friendly IT support right from your computer’s Desktop, via chat, email, or phone, and one of our techs will usually respond within 60 minutes.

We can solve over 96% of IT issues remotely by simply connecting to your computer (with your permission). And when we do need to be on-site, we have a vetted network of hundreds of technicians who can be on-site usually within the day, in New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Seattle. And we’re actively adding new locations!


60 minute or less average response time. Without tech jargon.

Our average response time for high-priority issues is less than 60 minutes. And no matter the question, we have a strict No-Jargon Policy. One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about other IT consultants is their use of confusing jargon, both when explaining issues to clients, as well as on invoices (sometimes to make things sound more complicated so they can bill you more).

So we keep it simple, plain, friendly English that will actually help, not confuse, you.

InstanTek has brought my business into the 21st century.
— Kevin Borland, Law Office of Kevin Borland