From Day One, we help keep your computers running smoothly and help you make the right IT decisions, whether it's what computer to buy or whether you should move your email to the cloud.

Happy Business Owner

Pay for Only What You Need

We don't make you pay thousands of dollars per month for features you don't need. Our IT packages are simple, yet flexible, and allow you to pay as you go. Simply deposit money and get IT support hours and other services based on your needs.

Don't quite know what you need? Our Client Services folks will quickly help you figure that out.


Cancel Anytime

Who likes long, complicated contracts? Good news: our contracts are really simple and just lay out how we'll work together. And you can cancel anytime; just let us know 30 days ahead of time so we can help you transition smoothly to a new IT provider. Why do we offer this? Because we're so confident you won't cancel.


2 Hour Response—Guaranteed

Sick of waiting several hours, or even days, for your IT provider to respond? We guarantee we'll respond within 2 hours, and our average response time is currently under 60 minutes.

And if we don't deliver on our guarantee? We'll credit you that hour—and we'll give you another free hour on IT support on top of that.