Save up to 30% on your help desk costs.

What would you do with an extra 30% in your IT budget? Implement a new ERP system? Perhaps new WiFi that gives users better coverage? Whatever projects you’d like to tackle, having more money to spend is always a good thing—and can make you look like a rockstar to the business.



Are you putting out constant IT fires?

Perhaps you’re interrupted so often by slow computers, viruses and questionable popups, or printing issues that you don’t have time to plan and implement that new CRM system the execs have been bugging you about almost every day.

This isn’t why you signed up to do IT. Offload your IT pain today.

Tired of redundant, yet time-consuming, tickets?

Many help desks get a disproportionate number of tickets for the same 3-5 requests or issues. Common examples include password reset and account lockouts, VPN issues, printing issues, or email issues. Let us handle these so you don’t have to.



Tired of setting up new computers and making sure they have identical configurations?

We use a defined process to set up new computers and we’ll even ship them to you or home-based employees so you can just plug them in and get working. We can even automatically replace and provision computers as they hit a certain age. For emergency replacements, we can often have fully provisioned computers at your doorstep in as little as two days.

Your users can get support via phone, email, live chat, and soon, SMS.

Today’s generation, and workforce, is on the go and relies heavily on their smartphones. We’ve created proprietary software that lets your users get support via almost any channel that’s convenient to them, including phone, email, live chat, and soon, SMS.



We operate 24x7x365—so you don’t have to.

Would you like to be able to offer 24x7x365 support to your users, but it’s simply not in the budget? Or are you sick of being woken up at 3am when a traveling executive or salesperson can’t access their email? Our service desk operates 24x7x365—including on holidays—so you don’t have to.