Robert geller, founder

Robert geller, founder

Robert helps clients get the best of outsourced desktop and service desk support so they can focus on higher value projects. He’s responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the company and, perhaps most importantly, the happiness of Tekkers, as we call our team members.

Robert has been in the IT field since the age of 17. At 19, he mentored employees and was instrumental in designing a large virtualization platform for Primatics Financial’s Fortune 500 clients. He also held other key roles in Washington, D.C.-area software companies.

He founded InstanTek in 2011 after realizing that the outsourced help desk support model was broken and that people deserve a better support experience. So he set out to develop a coherent solution comprised of proprietary software and aided by great service, which reduces the cost of IT support while delivering a superior experience.

Robert lives in midtown Manhattan. In his free time (which isn’t all that much), he’s obsessed with all things food and loves to cook as well as explore New York City’s restaurants.

Featured Client Advisor

Rob Hakel

Rob is one of InstanTek's hardest (and certainly one of our smartest!) workers. It's not uncommon to find Rob working and replying to emails at 6am on a Sunday. Rob's work ethic carries over to how he works with clients, who often express pleasant shock at his response time and thoroughness.

Rob's expertise is in Windows servers, database administration, and software development. He can write complicated T-SQL queries with multiple joins and convert VB6 code to C#, at the same time, in his sleep with his hands tied behind his back.

Rob has been in IT for over 15 years with a particular specialty in health care and health care information technology, analyzing databases with millions of PHI claims and records. He's worked for large organizations, like United Healthcare, and (slightly) smaller ones, like InstanTek.

Rob holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from Brown College where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA. He also has a green belt in Six Sigma management.

Rob hakel, Client advisor

Rob hakel, Client advisor