1. Request a free consultation and speak with one of our Client Advisors about your needs.

Perhaps you’re looking to outsource your IT needs to a managed service provider (MSP). Or you need a HIPAA compliance audit. Either way, we’ll set up a 15-30 minute free conversation with one of our Client Advisors to discuss your IT project or outsourced vendor needs. Our Client Advisors all have IT experience so you won’t be talking to another clueless salesman.

I now have much more peace of mind and far fewer IT issues. When we do have issues, they’re quickly resolved, which frees up time to lets us focus on growing our business, and not dealing with IT issues.
— Josh Gatoff, President, Door Automation Corporation


2. Based on your needs, we’ll connect you with up to three of our pre-vetted vendors.

If we can help with your needs, we’ll send you helpful, digestible information about each vendor that lets you do an apples-to-apples comparison, not a confusing jumble of apples-to-oranges marketing-speak. You can then decide which, if any, you’d like to speak with. There’s zero obligation to speak with any of them—and no cost, either.


3. After you speak with one or more of the vendors, they’ll provide a quote and statement of work—that includes your exclusive discount as a user of our service.

You can then decide which, if any, of the vendors you’d like to work with. As with step 2, there’s no obligation to work with any of the vendors we connect you with. And no sweat if you find a better vendor yourself.

We are delighted to work with InstanTek and cannot recommend them highly enough to other nonprofits and small businesses looking for a responsive, friendly, and highly competent IT partner to work with. Thank you, InstanTek!
— Gonzalo Casals, Executive Director, Leslie-Lohman Museum