We provide tech and IT support to small businesses in NYC. We prevent IT problems before they start. We'll also help you be productive from wherever, whenever, 24x7x365. And you won't be shuffled from one technician to another: you get your own super friendly Tech Team to call when you need IT support or advice.

Happy Business Owner

Are you calling your current IT provider to report issues, and not the other way around?

Do you find yourself calling your supposedly "proactive" IT company just as often as, or more than, they call you to report issues?

Our unique combination of proprietary technology and our 24x7x365 staffed Cloud Network Operations Center proactively monitors your network and computers around the clock, and we fix the majority of impending problems before they ever affect you.


Get IT support via live chat, phone, or email—right from your computer.

We're one of the only IT support providers to offer live chat support, which many tech-savvy folks love, so they can be productive and get their issues solved at the same time. Our average response time for high-priority issues is less than 60 minutes. 


See the health of your IT and plan for the future with your own client dashboard.

Your dashboard is your one-stop resource for learning more about the health of your IT setup, getting support, ordering new IT equipment, and more! We're constantly adding features to our dashboard to make your IT experience even better.