We prevent 93% of IT issues. But for those issues that do pop up, we provide our Money-Backed 7 Minute Response Time Guarantee.



How would you like a 7 minute guaranteed response time for IT support requests?

We prevent 93% of IT issues on average, via our sophisticated remote monitoring and management solution. But nothing in this world is perfect. And when IT issues do crop up, imagine having an IT expert literally at your fingertips who can help you with pretty much anything and everything IT-related—within 7 minutes. How would that feel?

InstanTek makes that dream come true with our industry-first 7 Minute Money-Backed Response Time Guarantee.

Fast setups of new employee accounts and computers.

Hiring a new marketing person next Monday? We understand the rapidly evolving needs of startups—we’re a “long-running” startup ourselves!—and we can help. We can often have new computers, email, and Slack accounts for last-minute hires turned around as soon as overnight. This also goes for employee terminations, which we process the same day.



Tired of dealing with, and sharing among your team, dozens or hundreds of passwords?

With our secure Client Dashboard, we securely share login credentials for your accounts, so you don’t have to fumble with insecure Excel spreadsheets. We can even share credentials with several of your team members. You can also see all your computers and we can even automatically replace and provision computers as they hit a certain age. We’re constantly adding new features to our Client Dashboard based on client feedback.


We’ll support and protect your remote employees.

Whether your employees are in the office or distributed around the world, we can seamlessly provide remote support to them, just like we can to your office-based employees, using our remote access software. They can get support via live chat or email and get their issues fixed in no time.