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“I am so satisfied with InstanTek's service that I've referred them to numerous associates. We're thrilled to have found a trusted partner and advisor in InstanTek and we're looking forward to continuing to work with them.”
— Frank Franzese, President, Silver Rail Construction
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I now have much more peace of mind and far fewer IT issues. When we do have issues, they’re quickly resolved, which frees up time to let us focus on growing our business, and not dealing with IT issues. We also have the same predictable IT bill each month, which helps us with budgeting and gives us even more peace of mind.
— Josh Gatoff, President, Door Automation Corporation

We are delighted to work with InstanTek and cannot recommend them highly enough to other nonprofits and small businesses looking for a responsive, friendly, and highly competent IT partner to work with. Thank you, InstanTek!
— Gonzalo Casals, Executive Director, Leslie-Lohman Museum

“InstanTek has brought my business into the 21st century.”

“Since I brought InstanTek into my office a year and a half ago, they've saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month by providing me the technology to allow my employees to work and access files securely from home. I highly recommend InstanTek to other business owners, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kevin Borland, Law Office of Kevin Borland

“One of the best IT providers I've ever hired.”

“InstanTek has been one of the best IT support providers I've ever worked with. Robert, my consultant, has provided highly responsive service; he's readily available when I need him. He also seems to know something about everything I ask or is exceptional at researching problems and recommending fixes. I highly recommend InstanTek.”

James Carr, James Carr Consulting

“The best IT support provider we've ever hired.”
Marty Higgins, Harvest Shops


“Finally, ... a nice, reliable, responsive, easy-to-work-with IT consultant.”

InstanTek's knowledge will help us be more competitive as we keep growing and are running into clients with technologies that our internal team does not have. They're also very responsive and explain things well. We hope to keep using InstanTek on a continuous basis.”

Maksim Avrukin, Gladius Rapid IT

“They are a Swiss Army knife of IT talent.”

“InstanTek is great! They will not give up on you or your project. They supported all my equipment from many different manufacturers. They are a Swiss army knife of IT talent. ... Thank you!”

Phil Biundo, Filmar Technologies, Inc.


“Get in touch with InstanTek sooner rather than later!”

“Just in the first few weeks of working with InstanTek, they solved all the Mac and network issues we were having, streamlined how our attorneys collaborate and share content, and we are now talking about changing the way we do email. ... Get in touch with InstanTek sooner rather than later!”

Joseph Petrillo, Petrillo & Powell, PLLC

“InstanTek is more than just a vendor to us.”

“InstanTek is more than just a vendor to us.  From the beginning, they started with our business's goals and needs and recommended solutions that simplified our technology needs. I highly recommend InstanTek.”

Andrea Fuller, The MindFarm

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